By decision of the National Cultural Fund (Fonds culturel national (Focuna)) board, on June 19th, 2019, the Cercle Pierre Roberti asbl got the official Focuna authorisation, with the number 2019/076 (French: agrément 2019/076), for cultural activities.

Consequently donations in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are tax deductible (French: déductibles des impôts) by the Focuna.

Steps to follow, in this order:

  1. Make a donation of Euro
  2. Transfer it to the banking account IBAN LU24 0019 4655 0203 7000
  3. Bank: Banque et Caisse d Epargne de l Etat (BCEE) BIC (Swift): BCEELULL
  4. Recipient (French: bénéficiaire): Fonds culturel national
  5. Notation (French: mention): 2019/076 Cercle Pierre Roberti .

Done! Then wait to get your tax receipt from the Fonds culturel national (Focuna).


Thank you!


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